Eböngrey: The Black Lion Baronies

The Time Between #3

Rumbling in the Hills; The Coming of Nakalesh

time between graphic

Allyn had returned. He confesses to the group he owns a wyvren from a previous exploit, detailed here.  The estate on which it was being raised and trained was going to be unavailable for several months, forcing Allyn to care for the creature at the outpost. 

On the outskirts of town, past the small tent city of merchants and craftsmen, a horrible growling from the surrounding hills kept people awake that night.  Fearful whispering and rumors traded between tents over what might be out there.  Taking the initiative the group decided to go investigate, coming across a picket line of mercenaries paid to guard their employer's wares.  In good humor, a few of them guided the group a little further from town towards the source of the growling which grew in intensity.  

On the ground, below the largest of three wagons laden with goods held down by tightly strapped leather tarps, was a small blanket.  Wrapped tightly in the blanket was a gnome, deep in sleep and snoring like an avalanche of rocks and scree.  Nakalesh the merchant has come to Caramel's oath.



BlueGnoll BlueGnoll

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